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Licensed Format Production 
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The TVSMITHS are a seasoned, safe set of hands with over 20-years' experience in producing licensed formats throughout South Africa and the rest of the continent. 

Whilst we love producing licensed big, shiny-floor formats, we also offer origination services for clientele and our business, as we want to take "Africa to the World".


Watch out for homegrown Finished Programming as well as Format License Titles bearing the TVSMITHS badge that will be available on license, or, importantly...on your screens! 

In today's world, sponsorship, product placement, and integration are welcome and necessary to augment any production budget. The TVSMITHS is Open for Business to Ad-funded programming and other organically-integrated opportunities. 

Facilitation | Co-Pros
Gun-for-Hire  & Consulting 
Commercial Work

We are not so proud that we believe we can do anything and everything! The TVSMITHS loves to collaborate and share production know-how. We would be delighted to facilitate a production for clients from abroad too.


We would love to hear from you on any opportunities. 

The TVSMITHS continue to offer their production services to other producers who need a little TVSMITHS' pizazz. 


The duo is also available to assist Film Schools, NPOs and other producers in Development as Format Doctors, and production and technical consultants helping you devise the right plan with the right resources.  For further info, please reach out to consulting@thetvsmiths.media.

Although it has a slightly different workflow, we also produce TVCs, AVs and mobile-content for On-Air and Digital platforms.