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The TVSMITHS is recruiting staff for Season 2 for a parenting series. We are looking for fellow TVSMITHS, where TV production, its art, and craft is a fundamental part of you. If you are similarly hardworking and a very talented individual, then we welcome you to apply for the following positions:

  • Series Producer (Showrunner)

  • 3x Content Producers – with a talk/magazine show background, and preferably experience on ECD productions. Must be multilingual in vernacular languages.

  • Scriptwriters

  • Senior Researchers

  • Researchers

  • Junior Researchers

  • Childminder

  • Production coordinator

  • Production Secretary

  • Props & Games Coordinator

  • Audience Coordinator

  • Subtitles Translator – for Sepedi, isiZulu and Afrikaans

  • Subtitles Editor (competent on Premiere)

These freelance positions are for a Johannesburg-based production commencing in August or September 2019 (TBC) for various durations between 12-21 weeks. Please note that passion, commitment, and talent are a prerequisite. As is Early Child Development experience, First Aid and, as iterated, multilingualism in a vernacular language.


Please do get in touch with a CV and spectacular cover letter if you feel you can keep up with us. We would also appreciate you “keeping it real” and not fall victim to what we all do in this industry: “believe our own hype and oversell yourself”. Genuine and down to earth candidates that get the job done are preferred. We have a deadline and strong work ethic at, The TVSMITHS. Please note that rigorous background checks will be conducted.


If interested, please state what position and the Job code into the Subject bar and send to